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English Language Teaching and Learning

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Published: 2022-07-13
Category: Education
Category Foreing language study
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English Language Teaching and Learning is the Ph.D. work of the author who explores the issues and challenges faced by the learners in inculcating LSRW skills and their perception towards different teaching methodologies. The author also checks the perception of the teachers with regards to the various teaching methologies and challeges in helping the students acquire LSRW skills. By the end of the research, a comparative analysis of the perception of teachers and that of the students have been mentioned to identify the gaps. The importance of the English language in the professional world is ever increasing . Today, the English language has a significant role in both academic success and professional enhancements.The tough time during the global pandemic, owing to the deadly virus COVID 19, accelerated the role of English language yet further. For those who are proficient in English language, learning has become as easy as breathing for them. 

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