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Published: 2024-04-02
Category: New Release
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The global hospitality industry plays a significant role in climate change and in environmental degradation. As concerns about climate change escalate, the need for sustainable practices within this sector becomes imperative. One innovative approach to address this challenge is the development of zero-carbon emission hotels. These establishments aim to minimize their environmental impact by adopting eco-friendly technologies, using renewable energy sources and sustainable design principles. The present book investigates the methodology of creating net-zero emission hotels and tourism facilities due to direct energy use including energy and fuels controlled by the hotels. The core principles revolve around minimizing energy consumption, utilizing renewable energy sources and implementing carbon offset initiatives. By integrating renewable energy sources, emphasizing energy efficiency, embracing sustainable design and engaging with local communities, these establishments can set a precedent for the broader adoption of eco-friendly practices. As consumers increasingly prioritize sustainable options, zero-carbon emission hotels not only contribute to mitigating climate change but also position themselves as leaders in the future of responsible and environmentally friendly tourism. The book could be useful to all private and public stakeholders related with the construction, refurbishment and operation of hotels and tourism facilities including owners, administrative officials, municipal authorities, staff, NGOs as well as several local and national policy makers. The book presents the legal framework for the clean energy transition in hotels and tourism facilities, the sustainable energy technologies that can be used for their clean energy transition, the possibilities of offsetting carbon emissions with several existing mechanisms as well as the different available options for financing the required energy projects. The methodology followed, the information contained and the detailed presentation of several benign energy technologies which can be used in hotels increases the attractiveness of the book to various readers.  

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