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Social Innovation

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Published: 2023-11-10
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This volume represents over a decade of continuous research and the development of intervention models through academic training and applied research. Our intention is to enhance discourse and stimulate reflection on the scope of Social Innovation (SI). We will discuss the key concepts and elements that differentiate SI from social entrepreneurship and technical innovation. This text maintains objectivity, logical structure, clear and objective language, conforms to academic conventions, is grammatically correct, and utilizes precise vocabulary. Various processes related to the SI have been extensively studied. Institutions, particularly public ones, and academic studies in general, are actively working to put these findings into practice by observing results and transformations. This includes designing solutions from new and dynamic collaborative paradigms, reflecting the transition from an industrial economy to a knowledge and information-based society in this third millennium. It also introduces readers unfamiliar with the subject, which is still in its early stages, to a practical language that enables observation, reflection, and potentially adopting consistent principles - particularly ethical ones - concerning the current period of significant upheaval, drawbacks, uncertainties, and paradoxes.  

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