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The XIII Cranial Nucleus (CSF-Contacting Raphe Nucleus, CsfR): Localization and Target "Knockout"

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Published: 2024-06-07
Category: New Release
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Discover the groundbreaking research that unveils the intricate details of the XIII cranial nucleus, also known as the CSF-contacting Raphe nucleus (CsfR). Authored by Si-Yuan Song from Baylor College of Medicine, this comprehensive study explores the unique anatomical and functional characteristics of the CsfR, a newly identified brain nucleus with pivotal roles in neural and humoral regulation. Through meticulous stereotactic localization and targeted lesion techniques, this work provides critical insights into the CsfR's spatial morphology, connections within the central nervous system, and its significant impact on pain modulation and anesthesia. Utilizing advanced 3D reconstruction and neural pathway tracing, the research delineates the precise coordinates and neuronal distribution of the CsfR, offering essential methodological foundations for future studies. This book is a valuable resource for neuroscientists, medical researchers, and practitioners interested in the cutting-edge developments in brain anatomy and its implications for medical science. It not only lays the groundwork for understanding the fundamental functions of this unique nucleus but also inspires further exploration into its potential applications in pain management and anesthesia.

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