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Unravelling the Web of Deceit

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Published: 2023-11-10
Category: Law
Category Finance
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In Kenya, a devastating surge of pyramid schemes has left countless individuals destitute, preying on the vulnerable and impoverished. A groundbreaking research paper meticulously exposes this crisis, revealing the inadequacy of Kenya's legal framework in protecting its citizens. Drawing lessons from the Albanian pyramid schemes disaster of 1996-1997, the study emphasizes the urgent need for action. It advocates for stringent regulations, proactive financial institutions, and informed citizens working together to combat these schemes. Through qualitative research techniques, the paper navigates the intricate world of pyramid schemes, shedding light on their methods and motivations. It calls for a robust legal framework that prosecutes perpetrators and shields the innocent, ensuring promises of prosperity do not lead to disillusionment. Titled "Unraveling the Web of Deceit," the research paper serves as a beacon of hope, urging Kenya to unite against these insidious forces and secure a safer financial future.

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