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Lipids and Amino Acids Content of Some Aquaculture Fauna Resources of Nigeria

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Published: 2021-12-27
Category: Science
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Eating properly is a matter of consuming a proper variety of foods, not just eating sufficient amounts of food. It is possible to consume food regularly, even to the point of being overweight, and still be malnourished. The meaning of this commonly used term is important. Malnutrition is caused by a diet lacking in the proper mix of nutrients, even, though the energy content of the food eaten may be adequate. Contrast malnutrition with under nourishment, a condition in which a person daily caloric intake is insufficient to meet metabolic needs. 

Fats, carbohydrates and proteins are the nutrients that provide essentially all of the energy and most of the raw materials for body repairs and synthesis. Sodium and potassium ions are present in much lower concentrations, but these ions are essential for the proper electrolyte balance in the body. Several other nutrients and vitamins are also consumed as food. It should be evident that all these substances, whether naturally occurring or added during processing, are chemicals, unfortunately, this fundamental fact is apparently lost on those who pursue the impossible dream of a "chemical - free" diet. All food is inescapably and intrinsically chemical, even food claiming to be "organic" or "natural".

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