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Beja Poetry - The model of Arka Saber

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Published: 2021-07-09
Category: Language arts and Disciplines
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Beja poetry - the poetry of Arka Saber as a model - is an academic attempt aimed at documenting the literary works of the Beja people in Eastern Sudan, which remained lingering deeply in the hearts of the locals for decades. This version dealt with the Saber’s model due to its copious production in a short period of time and the necessity of the topics he included in his work as well as its impact on the life of the ordinary person.
The researcher began communicating through his comrades and leaders in the Beja Congress to obtain some primary information about the poet. Then he approached the Beja singers to verify the suitability and simplicity of some vocabulary items that were found difficult to understand. Later, the students of the Beja Central at Sudanese universities had great roles in collecting the data by establishing a memorial condolence in his honour.
Arka’s work was classified and analyzed to highlight the aesthetic aspect, which was summarized in the followings. The poet's interest in the topics he discussed and its composition, as well as the auditory and visual images. However, he used little symbol and avoided ironical expressions for their negative effects on the society, he used on the other hand, a lot of metaphorical expressions and personification.

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