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Flaws In Medicine Must Be Corrected: An Open Report to National Governments amid the Pandemic

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Published: 2020-06-10
Category: Science
Category Health Care, Medicine
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Humans are hopeless in the war against COVID-19. We want to explore the root cause that medicine fails to find effective measures for controlling the COVID-19 pandemic. We found this failure can be traced to the publication practices of leading medical journals. Their practice, which is run and driven by money, has resulted in very narrow medical treatment options, an invalid pool of medical research articles which are full of errors and inaccuracies. The failure of medicine is reflected in the whole field from cancer, to chronic diseases, to infectious diseases. The research model is flawed in the use of population trials, separation of mind and body, single factor-based approach, use of the two-value system, etc. A large number of medical theories and practices including most cancer theories, use of surgery to remove cancer, use of chemotherapy to kill cancer cells, use of drugs to control high blood pressure, the epidemiological model (R0), etc. are all incorrect or grossly inaccurate. When massive errors and inaccuracies are not corrected, it is a delusion for medicine to find cures for challenging diseases. Whatever the medical publishers do are to improve the perception of their articles but not true scientific merit for curing diseases. Estimated 30 million premature deaths in the world could be attributed to the failure of medicine. Most of the deaths in COVID-19 and most of the economic damages to the U.S. could have been avoided but for reliance on the narrower, invalid often harmful medical treatments.

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