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Numerical Computation of Hybrid and Nanofluid flow Problems and Its applications

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Published: 2023-12-02
Category: Mathematics
Category Chemistry
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These days, researchers are very interested in applications of hybrid/nanofluid and heat transfer enhancement techniques. According to empirical findings, the substantial proper ties of heat flow, mass transfer, and density during the flow are present in working fluids in a variety of technical and medical disciplines. Although different base liquids can transfer heat with a similar amount of efficiency, these liquids are often not ideal for thermal transport applications because of their low thermal ability. This problem can be resolved by using certain nanoparticle additions to increase the heat efficiency of such conventional approaches. The most effective way to improve heat transportation, which is employed in a variety of engineering products and air-conditioning systems, is to suspend ordinary fluids with nanosize particles. This idea allows for the replacement of convectional fluids with lower heat efficiency with hybrid nanofluids that can transfer more heat to surfaces. Nano fluids are typically more stable in terms of heat and momentum transmission than regular fluids. Different metals, including nitrides, oxides, borides, gold, steel, silver, and copper, can be used cautiously to improve such nanomaterials. In this book, we introduce different numerical techniques to solve higher order nonlinear differebtial equations.

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