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Physiological Responses of Footballers in a Hot and Humid Environment: The Case of the Republic of Congo

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Published: 2021-10-03
Category: Sports and Recreation
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The aim of this book is to present as clearly as possible the physiological aspects of the performance of sportsmen and women in a hot and humid environment. It is intended for undergraduate students in science and technology of physical activities and sports (STAPS), coaches and physical trainers of team sports as well as sports managers.
It is organised in three main parts and is richly illustrated:
- The first part deals with the evaluation of physical capacities according to the energy channels: anaerobic alactic, anaerobic lactic and aerobic;
- The second part presents information on the physiological changes, total distance covered, energy expenditure and water loss of footballers during the match in a hot and humid environment,
- The third part outlines the metabolic and hormonal regulation system of footballers during the match in a hot and humid environment.
This information will help students, coaches and physical trainers to better understand and monitor the evolution of physical performance of footballers in a hot and humid environment. Sports managers should be aware of the risks that athletes face when exercising in a hot and humid environment.  

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