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The e-Grammar Clinic: Research Articles on Language and Technology

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Published: 2021-05-20
Category: Foreing language study
Category Language arts and Disciplines
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"Another language is another window to the world" - Chinese proverb

Why some grammar issues are more difficult for students of English as L2 than others?
Why they keep writing the wrong form, for example, "I love dog", even after extensive practice in class or online?
Why students do not improve certain grammar problems even after detailed, repeated corrective feedback? Do they really want to improve, or they only want a passing grade?
Not surprisingly, they overwhelmingly believe that comprehensive correction feedback is necessary for their progress, yet students do not use it for their language learning gains. Interestingly, when they are offered a choice between offline or online instruction, students prefer the latter. In other words, technology may be the key to a more enjoyable and effective language learning journey. Some answers, and more questions, you will find in this collection of research articles, the result of extensive practice teaching English as L2 n Japan and Thailand.

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