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Shiite Inscriptions of Derbent Tombstones During the Safavid Era Until the Ifsharid Era

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Published: 2023-11-09
Category: History
Category Language arts and Disciplines
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This research presents a descriptive study of Islamic Gravestones illustrated catalogue in Derbend cemetery of Dāġhastān dating to before the end of the safavid era until the second half of the ifshari era (1101-1199 ah/ 1689-1784 ad). (all dates are specified as either Years of Hijrah or Persian calendar with numbers). Where it turns out there are approximately 43 gravestones have been registered in 3 locations: in Derbend Cemetery; Kirkhliyar or Narin-Kala, Dūl-Dūl, and Saykh Salah. No Gravestones found inside mosques, museums, and through the results of archaeological excavations date back to the 12th century AH/ 18th AD century.  Previously uncovered were some fragments of Gravestones unearthed from previous excavations. For the types have found in the museums and shrines, are not dated to the same time, and dates back to the early decade of the 19th-century. The Archeological field survey of Derbend cemetery, the ethnographic and cultural recording, material Sources and the uses of gravestones, Funerary Rituals and Practices and Combination tombs have been done by the author Muhammad Nasir Ismail during the Visitation of Derbend cemetery. Followed by Reading the content and completing translation from original Arabic, Persian and Turkish-Dāġhastān texts to modern English, This was followed by additional proofreading of Arabic translations and original texts.    

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