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Twenty First Century Historiography: A Trilogy

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Published: 2021-12-20
Category: Science
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The book comprises the entire set of papers of the Twenty-First Century school of Historiography as we had proposed it in three papers published in peer-reviewed journals between the years 2015 and 2018. Our approach recommends a stakeholder-driven approach for historiography and encompasses a wide range of topics from research to dissemination of information to stakeholders, with many checks and balances to prevent potential distortion or a one-sided interpretation of history. We emphasize an objective and a data-driven approach and lay a greater emphasis on the roles and responsibilities of a historian to avoid the pitfalls of different ideology-driven approaches and enable him to act in the greater interests of science, society and the education system. We also lay down the core principles of the proposed Twenty-first century school of Historiography and delineate the social duties and functions of a historian as well. We also introduce Anthropological Historiography as a component of Twenty-first Century Historiography and lay down is basic tenets and objectives. We also delineate the role that we expect will be played by Historiography in the attainment of long-term social goals and objectives, and in setting the agenda for a rational, secular society

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