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Determinants of Corporate Sponsorship Award Opportunities for Soccer Premier League Clubs in Kenya

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Published: 2022-12-28
Category: Sports and Recreation
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Sponsorship of soccer clubs by corporate organizations is a common phenomenon worldwide. Sponsors have been giving assistance such as branded shirts, money, kits and stadia. Before awarding sponsorship, corporate organizations base their decisions on certain criteria. The sponsorship selection criteria have been documented in various studies, yet no such study had been done on the kenya soccer premier league. This therefore was the main focus of this study, whose objectives were four fold:1. To determine the influence of team-centered factors on corporate organizations decisions to sponsor Kenya Premier League clubs. 2. To appraise the influence of country–based characteristics on corporate organizations willingness to offer sponsorship to Kenya Premier League clubs. 3. To establish whether decisions made by corporate organizations to avail sports sponsorships to Kenya Premier League clubs were influenced by environmentally-centered factors.4. To determine whether team-centered, country-based and environmentally-centered characteristics differed significantly in the extent to which they influenced decisions made by corporate organizations to sponsor KPL clubs. Data was collected using self- administered questionnaires and interviews, from purposively selected corporate sponsors and clubs. 

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