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Critical Observations From Ethnomusicology

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Published: 2023-11-23
Category: Music
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Throught this abstrackt, we are presenting 6 reserch articles related to phenomena and issues of  traditional Albanian music. The first work reflects the traditional clothing of the city of Gjakova, both for men and women. The second article examines the role of poetry and music in the Albanian tekke. The third deals with the role of the Bektashi tariqat in Kosovo nd the characteristics of the tariqat in music and other arts. The next article deals with the Grand Bazaar of the city of Gjakova, with its role and weight over the years. Another article deals with the party of the city of Gjakova. With the first pioneers of this cultural phenomenom and the first instruments of this orchestral and vocal formation. The last article is related to one of the most prominent singers of the city of Gjakova, Ismet Peja. Throught this paper, we have tried to reflect in detail the entire artistic career of this brilliant singer. 

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