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Food Waste Assessment for Hospitality Sustainability in Baringo Technical College

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Published: 2023-11-21
Category: Tourism
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Food waste is a pressing issue within the hospitality industry, with significant implications for both local and global sustainability. This study, conducted at Baringo Technical College, aimed to explore sustainable approaches for controlling food waste, evaluate recycling strategies, and assess the environmental impact of effective food waste management practices. The research involved a diverse group of respondents, with varying levels of business experience, and focused on practical sessions within the hospitality department.The findings indicate a broad consensus among respondents regarding the need for measures to control food wastage during practical sessions. Planning emerged as the best approach to enhance food wastage control, with 40% of respondents in agreement. Planning encompasses various strategies, including menu planning, portion control, and waste reduction policies, aligning with sustainability principles.Despite the agreement on the importance of measures, there were mixed perceptions of the environmental impact of food waste. 

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