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Nashid Kamal

Abbasuddin Ahmed was a legendary singer in undivided India from 1930 to 1947.He was a close associate of poet Kazi Nazrul Islam, the original author of the short stories published in this book. Nashid Kamal is the granddaughter of Abbasuddin Ahmed.She is the eldest daughter former Chief Justice Mustafa Kamal (late) who was named so by Kazi Nazrul Islam.Her mother was a Professor at Dhaka University Husne Ara Kamal.
Born in 1958 Nashid Kamal has had a brilliant academic career.She has a PhD in` Medical Demography' from LSHTM,UK.She has spent her entire life teaching in Bangladesh and UK. She is also well known as an exponent of the songs of Kazi Nazrul Islam.From 2010 she started translating the songs of Kazi Nazrul Islam and this is her seventh book of translations.The translations of selected short stories of Kazi Nazrul Islam are her humble ode to the poet.

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